Wednesday 23 September 2015 : Mechanics and Laser
Co-organizers : CETIM, Pôle ORA, VIAMECA, ARDI Rhône-Alpes

  • Additive manufacturing
    • Additive manufacturing of implants - Benoît Verquin, Cetim
    • Think, design and manufacture differently with additive manufacturing : example of a functional mechanical part  - Géraldine Aubry, 3D&P
  • Surface functionalization
    • Improved fatigue resistance of metallic materials by laser shock - Jean-Yves Thieuleux, Metal Improvement Company, Surface Technologies
    • Laser surface texturing / structuring of mechanical parts – Emmanuel Baubeaud, Manutech
  • Micro-machining
    • Laser micro-processing :engraving, welding, surface texturing - Cetim-CTDEC
    • Micro-machining with a micro YAG laser : example of an industrial application  - Olivier Jacquemet, STEEC
  • Metrology
    • Surface characterization - Precitec France
    • Tracer laser, a technology to improve the control of your machines-tools or MMT - Michaël Giacomobono, Cetim
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Thrusday 24 September 2015 : Laser and Medical
Organizer : Club Laser et Procédés

  • Laser in refractive surgery and other applications in medecine - Amplitudes Systèmes
  • Laser micro-machining of medical devices - Laséa France
  • Overview of laser applications in the medical sector : pacemakers welding, filter micro-drilling, stents cutting, surgery tools marking, cutting of intraocular lenses, thin layer ablation on electrode… - Rofin Baasel France
  • Laser machine configuration for medical applications - Laser Cheval
  • Analysis of laser safety needs in medical environment - Pyla, Alpha Route des Lasers
  • Opportunity given by Ablalase laser for kidney surgery - IREPA LASER
  • CLAD additive manufacturing : custom-made palatal implants - IREPA LASER
  • Laser machining of medical implants - Alphanov
  • Laser machining in dermatology - Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications, Université Bordeaux 1

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